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  • Immerse your skin in a true "thermal bath". The hydrating power of Uriage thermal water in a unique night mask with an ultra-light gel water texture. The skin is rested, with an effect "8 hours of sleep": the skin is smooth when waking up and fully hydrated, supple and soft, for an ultra fresh complexion.

    Regenerates hydration of the skin

    This water mask enriched with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimal level of hydration.

    Optimizes continuous hydration of the epidermis

    It allows to form a surface film and progressively release the moisturizing agents it contains to soften the skin.

    Restores the barrier effect of the skin and limits its dehydration

    It acts on the reconstruction of the intercorneocyte cement, enhancing the hydration of dry skin.

    Provides luminosity

    The antioxidant snow flower extract leaves skin feeling fresh and radiant.


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    Apply a thin layer every night on a clean and makeup-removed face. Let it act all night. Rinse upon waking with Thermal Micellar Water or spray Uriage Thermal Water on the face to prolong skin hydration.

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