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Thermal water, soothing, moisturizing, healing and anti-free radicals for face and body.

Daily care for sensitive and / or reactive skin, face and body: stress, pollution, irritative dermatitis, inflammatory dermatitis.

Refreshing care: sport, travel, sea, tonic.

Mechanical and chemical aggressions: shaving, solar erythema, peeling, irritations, hair removal, laser.

Benefits :

Hydrates; Calm; Protects; It respects the hydrolipidic film; Anti free radicals.

Unique and naturally isotonic.

Preserves the integrity of cells; It does not change its size; It does not dry out the skin.

It is the only water that we can spray and let it act, it does not need to dry; Immediately calms irritated skin; Refreshes.

The most concentrated in mineral salts and trace elements; Bacteriologically pure; Moisturizing; Anti-inflammatory; Healing.Filmogenic; Anti radical; Aseptising.


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