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  • Eye contour for bags and dark circles

    K-Ox Eyes is an eye contour cream that reduces the appearance of bags, lightens the purple or pigmented color of dark circles, and restores elasticity to the skin. Its new ceramic applicator provides a cold effect and allows a massage to improve microcirculation, decongesting and refreshing the look. Visible results in just 28 days.


    • Visibly reduces the volume and swelling of the bags.
    • Gradually fade the purple or pigmented color of the dark circles.
    • Provides luminosity and restores elasticity and firmness to the skin


    • Dispense a pulse of product the size of a grain of rice onto the fingertip.
    • Apply it in the area around the eyes, with the help of the ceramic applicator, massage the product from the inside out.
    • Dab lightly until the product is completely absorbed.
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